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About us

We are a 3D STUDIO that enjoys bringing your dream spaces to life via renders.

Commercial Spaces

Visualize your commercials spaces

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We offer high quality 3D rendering and 3D visualizations for interior designers, home makers, business owners, architects, property developers and agents.

Our Process

Visualization is key

Although a mood board is the most common form of visual communication, 3D renders aid in making your idea clearer before implementation.

Client Reviews

We value your feedback

“Working with Michelle is very refreshing she knows her stuff and is willing to take time to make your space practical.”

Kara LucasInterior Decorator

“I enjoyed working with Michelle because she has an amazing eye and attention to detail.”

Alex CohenDesigner

“Had a lot of fun working with Michelle mainly because she just gets it, I didn't have a lot of ideas but she gave me a lot of options.”

Jake SmithDeveloper

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